New Facebook Page

2015-04-16 06:00:58 by kijin678

Hello Newgrounds, I have made a facebook page for my music. Check it out and click to support fine music.

Im Back

2015-04-11 10:00:40 by kijin678

HelloNewgrounds, Im back and I'm glad to say that I got my musical inspiration back. Check out my work and become a fan of mine. 


2012-03-27 07:13:26 by kijin678

I am currently creating a concept album for my music composition class, and would appreciate any constructive criticism as I post new content


2011-01-30 19:50:12 by kijin678

Listen to Steve Vai and you will be inspired as well


2011-01-10 13:34:59 by kijin678

My third submission, pretty soon this will only be a memory.

New Album

2010-12-24 19:49:07 by kijin678

Just got a new album from all that remains. I love it.


2009-08-27 20:25:18 by kijin678

I need some help with recording music and putting it it in this site. I created some really cool heavy metal songs that would be great for this site. Send me a reply if you know how to record your songs to a mp3 file.